To provide innovative products and services respectful to nature and people by turning Bursa into a technology and production base of Turkey’s and near-by geography’s on the need for Rail Transport Systems,


To bring in the industry unique products with the knowledge and expertise came after producing Turkey’s first tramway in regard to the solution of Bursa’s urban transportation problems.


It is expected that Bursa will be an important center in the technology-based development needed in the rail systems sector with its know-how in both automotive and machinery sectors as well as its projects actualized on Rail Systems.


The more the planned works on Rail Systems that fit the basis of national development strategies and became the symbol of State’s policy, actualized, the more Turkey’s importance will increase substantially in international and regional scale. Turkey, receiving a much larger share than the transport volume that accounts for approximately 75 billion US Dollars between Europe and Asia, will become the heart of railway transportation.

In Turkey, especially in big cities, parallel to the increasing population, the most fundamental solution to the problem of urban transportation is the Rail Transportation Systems. Bursa is expected to be one of the major players in the sector at national and nearby regions thanks to the expertise that is brought by the projects of Bursa on this subject and producing Turkey’s first tramway.

In this context, with the vision of turning Turkey into the hub of R & D, technology and production centre that produce innovative products and services in Bursa’s rail systems and related sectors, the Project of ” Development of International Competitiveness in the Rail Systems Sector” was launched in December 2014 with the approval of the Ministry of Economy; 28 Cluster members were entitled to receive assistance in the Needs Analysis, Training, Consultancy, Overseas Marketing, and Procurement Mission activities to be carried out within the scope of a 3-year project.

With the contribution of the project to our companies, the issue of rail systems will not only be seen as an alternative to urban transportation but at the same time, Bursa will become an important producer in this field on international scale.


Needs Analysis: Within the scope of Needs Analysis activity as the first phase of the project, the firms participating in the project were visited by the consultant company; the situation determination study was carried out to determine the problems of the participating companies in areas such as international market studies, sales, marketing, promotion, and production processes.

Training and Consulting Programs: In project’s scope; training and consultancy activities have been planned on the subjects that will strengthen the firms in order to increase the export capacity of firms, support institutionalization, and branding process, and enhance the culture of innovation in line with export targets.

Overseas Marketing Programs and Procurement Committees:

• Participation in overseas marketing activities and events organized in international markets such as common market research, market visits, cluster promotion activities, trade delegations, matching and other organizations etc.

• By organizing the International Trade and Procurement Committees, it is aimed to enable the firms to obtain important market information as well as to facilitate the accessibility of potential cooperation partners.