Bursa’s geographic position that will be a logistics base in Turkey and Buray that its R&D activities are constantly evolving with BCCI’s huge investment, Buray carries our country to the future in the transportation of a dynamic population by means of its powerful industrial infrastructure and privileged logistics.

With the specifically conducted works of BTSO in the sector of rail systems, clustering, UR-GE, and R&D activities have exceeded the competitiveness level in this area.

The production of the first national tramway and subway vehicles in Bursa and the significant increase in the national brands in a short span of time has been the biggest indicator of the fact that these clustering activities made up the essence of “bearing fruit”. The fact that the first tramway exports to Poland came out of Bursa was a source of pride for our city and our country.

The objectives to be reached out 700 tramways, LRV (Light Rail Vehicle), Metro, 1000 diesel electric locomotives, 96 high-speed trains that are needed up until 2023 stand in BURAY’s way, which proved its adequacy internationally. With the condition of domestic contribution, 20 billion euro for vehicle need and 50 billion euro with infrastructure need will remain in our country, Turkish industry will grow and become competitive.

BURAY, the producing agency of Turkey’s rail transport technology, will continue to grow with firm steps towards achieving its goals via its high competitive strength.

‘’Bursa Grows, Turkey Grows’’

– Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

– Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

– Uludağ University

Bursa Technical University

– Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management

Tourism Industry and Trade Inc.

– Uludag University Technology Transfer Office Inc. (UU TTO)

– TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (TÜBİTAK MAM)

– Bursa Industrialists and Businessmen Association – (BUSİAD)

– Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association- (MUSIAD)

– Turkey Young Businessmen Association-(TUGIAD)

-Balkan Rumeli Industrialists and Businessmen



The number of Clustered Firms: 92

UR-GE (International Competitiveness Development) Supported Firms: 28

The purpose of the UR-GE Communiqué No. 2010/8, implemented by the general directorate of Export, the Ministry of Trade, is to ensure that the export mobilization, which is based on the clustering approach and initiated with the projects implemented through effective project management, is transformed into a permanent success. In the project “Development of International Competitiveness in the Rail Systems Sector’’ in Bursa Province supported by the Ministry of Trade and carried out under the coordination of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, various activities are carried out for the following companies that are actively in service in the sector:

• To increase the export potential, market share, and diversity of the firms and to ensure the continuity of their exports,
• To enable companies to enter new markets by branding with design power and manufacturing by following the world standards,
• To enable firms to compare their products in the international market and to compare their status to their competitors
• To develop and effectively support the export marketing capabilities of companies

Project is of great importance in reaching 75 billion dollars export target by 2023 by developing the Rail Systems sector in Bursa, starting the export of non-export companies and increasing the capacity of the construction companies and manufacturing high value-added products.